The Arts Guild -

"...It takes a special sort of genius to be able to pull off a witty, free-flowing comedy with a time constraint, and Hagarty is just such a creative... Grajewski has always been a great artist, and he steps it up a notch in The Golden Ticket, creating a character that one cannot help but love. The cinematography is sophisticated, the music and sounds are well chosen, and the supporting cast is just brilliant. This piece is hands down one of my favourite short films." - Adnan M.

The Mind Reels

"...A fast-moving and very funny story that makes us ask ourselves why we aren’t seizing our lives like this everyday. Grajewski is hilarious playing the right amount of humor in pathos in the situation, and some of the lines are simply brilliant! I laughed a lot!!      - TD RIdeout

Canadian Film Review

" ...Best laughs go to Kris Siddiqi, who’s fantastic as Raj, the sneaky but perplexed landlord. Honourable mention to Melanie Scrofano, for great comic timing and a perfectly devilish spring in her step. And lastly, I have to commend Hagarty for writing hilarious dialogue. All in all, The Golden Ticket is a well-made, very funny story, about the day from hell we can all relate to."           - Isabel Cupryn


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