Patrick Hagarty was raised by a single mother during the week, and a movie theater on the weekend. At the age of six, he directed faithful basement reenactments of The Empire Strikes Back. In high school he cut together animated rock videos on an edit station fashioned from two VCRs, a tape deck, and every TV in the house. In college, with a Bolex slung over his shoulder, Patrick made dreamy, Lynchian art-films that even he barely understands.

After college, Patrick made a second home for himself on Toronto film sets. He has worked as an Actor, Editor, Field Producer, Location Scout, French Translator, Lecturer – but predominantly as an Assistant Director.

Over his AD career Patrick has successfully wrangled hordes of extras, fleets of cars, helicopters, process trailers, escaped livestock, unruly minors, petulant actors, a pygmy village, a gorilla attack, and Russell Crowe. Patrick has propped-up a hundred common directors, and backed-up a hundred great ones. He’s learned from their mistakes, and from their successes. Patrick has become a respected and well-supported member of the Toronto film community.

Patrick graduated with honours from The Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. He majored in both Fine Art and Film. In his third year Patrick studied painting abroad in Florence, Italy.

Patrick is an accomplished painter. He has exhibited and sold work internationally. Russell Crowe has one hanging over his toilet.

In 2004 Patrick completed the short film ‘Tracks’, his professional directorial debut. (Official selection of the Toronto Online Film Festival and the Cinérail Film Festival, Paris.)

In 2005, Patrick founded Torch|Head Productions. The company’s first project was Doug Karr’s BravoFact short ‘Ten for Grandpa’. It premiered at Sundance 2009 and went on to show at over 40 festivals internationally.

Patrick’s follow up to ‘Tracks’, the dark comedy short ‘Dave vs Death’ enjoyed a very successful festival and awards run in 2012.

Patrick's 2nd BravoFACT short ‘The Golden Ticket’ travelled to twenty-one festivals around the planet in 2013/2014. It won 'Best Short Film' at the 2014 DGC Awards, at the Canadian FIlm festival, the Houston Comedy FF, and the Beloit IFF in Wisconsin. It picked up Nominations at the Yorkton FIlm Festival and The Canadian Comedy Awards.

Patrick is currently writing and developing a slate of future projects.









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